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Decoupage Instructions


I hope that these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me.  This is not the only way to decoupage but it is the series of steps that I use and they have worked for me thus far.


Decoupage Mediums I have used and like:


  • DIY Clear Liquid Patina: great for any of the “papers” I use, especially Monahan Papers

  • Liquitex matte Gel Medium: I use this for napkins or tissue paper when I don’t want to use the iron on method

  • Mod Podge: the thickest of all mediums which can make it difficult to work with. I always use Mod Podge for the iron on method for this reason. You can always thin in by adding a little water.


Steps for decoupaging Monahan Papers and other heavier papers:


  • Spray the back of your paper with 2 coats of matte spray sealer (I typically use Rustoleum). Let dry between coats approximately 10 minutes. I ALWAYS use “matte”.

  • Paint your surface with 1 coat of paint, let dry

  • Put 1 coat of decoupage medium being certain to cover your surface completely. I find it helps to brush it on in one direction and then right away in the other direction.

  • Place your paper onto your surface, smoothing from the center out. I use a plastic card to help smooth, you could use a soft, dry cloth. Check for bubbles and wrinkles even after a couple of minutes. If you rub with your fingers and your fingers are damp you could tear your paper.

  • If you see a bubble or wrinkle, work it out with your card or cloth by “moving it” toward the closest edge

  • Let dry completely before sealing – see below (typically I let my projects dry over night)


Sealing your Project (Important):


Any water based product has the potential to reactivate your decoupage medium causing wrinkles and bubbles. Follow these steps in an attempt to avoid reactivation.

  • Spray your project with 2-3 LIGHT coats of sealer (I don’t typically sand in between coats but some people recommend that you do. Having said that I do sand between coats of sealer on large surfaces like furniture projects).

  • You can now use your sealer of choice including water-based sealers like DIY Big Top. This is personal preference and depends on the finished look you’re trying to achieve.


Happy Crafting!



Sweet and Sassy Treasures


Decoupage Instructions 2020

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