A Chair Fit for a Princess: Painting Roses

One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was dress up and have tea parties. One of the neighbors on our block was from England and she had the most wonderful dainty tea cups; I was in awe of them.

I can remember sitting at my very own table and chairs, surrounded by my dolls, drinking pretend tea and eating pretend cookies. Of course my tea cups were made of plastic, not nearly as beautiful as my neighbors, but in my imagination they were even more special. Those were such magical times.

It's no surprise that I couldn't wait to turn this abandoned little chair into a thing of beauty. What little girl wouldn't love to share a cup of tea with her favorite doll on this glorious little chair? This transformation was so easy to do with Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint; I'm happy to share with you how I did it in this video.


  • DIY Paint in your favorite colors. I used Cake Batter, Kissing Booth, Petticoat Pink, Mermaid Tale, Old 57, Little Black Dress, and White Swan

  • Paint Pixie brushes, I used Dusty

  • artists brushes

  • DIY Big Top sealer

With DIY Paint there is no need to sand or prime your piece. It is made of 9 all natural ingredients, the primary ingredient being clay, which make for superior adhesion. Since it's all natural there is literally no odor. Here is a video of the process that I used:

Whether you're painting a canvas, or chair, or dresser, the important things is to try. As Michael Jordan said, "you miss 100% of the shots you never take". You never know what you might discover about yourself!

Thank you so much for watching! -- Lisa

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