A Mixed Media Exploration: Lady in Wander

I love pretty things and to put things together that might not seem to meld. I think that's the idea behind eclectic, isn't it? Mixing French Country furniture with contemporary decor and vintage findings is just so warm and inviting. I think it helps us to honor our grandparents, tap into the warm memories of our childhoods' and to incorporate what's current and relevant.

When ever I run across old buffets I think of my grandma making her No Bake Cookies and putting them on wax paper on top of the buffet to harden. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of those cookies; when Gram wasn't looking I would sneak a finger-full of that chocolatey, peanut butter goodness. I still enjoy those cookies today. One of the first pieces of furniture I painted was one of those old buffets; just like Grandmas.

For some reason that's what this piece reminds me of, a combination of old and new, vintage meets contemporary. It's a mixed media project and it is one of my favorite things.


Here is my YouTube video tutorial:

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