A shabby candle holder from a can and some scrap wood.

I was so inspired by The Sisters’ napkin ring tutorial that I thought, “ what could I do with an old soup can?” During these days of sheltering in place we’re all eating a lot of soup, am I right? I love to recycle, and upcycle, so this seemed like the best of both worlds!


  • soup sized can (be careful of sharp edges)

  • two scrap pieces of 4x4 (mine were 2” and 3” in height)

  • two pieces of scrap 1x6 cut to 4.5” square

  • Debis Design Diary DIY Paint in Prairie Grey and White Swan

  • IOD Moulds Trimmings 1 and Bird Song

  • IOD Air Dry Clay

  • wood glue

  • craft glue

  • Hot glue

  • corn starch

  • sand paper

  • baby wipes

  • Big Top Sealer


  1. sand all edges of your wood

  2. create your “bases” by gluing each 4x4 scrap to a 1x6 scrap (cut down to 4.5“ squares)

  3. hot glue the open edge of the can to one of these bases and the closed edge to the other. I like high temperature hot glue.

  4. dust your Mould with corn starch. Add the air dry clay, leveling with a straight edge. Flip the Mould over and roll it back to release the Mould. I used one bird and 2 trim strips.

5. while your clay is still wet, use craft or wood glue to attach your Moulds

6. let the clay dry if time permits

paint a haphazard base coat in Prairie Grey; let dry

7. paint the entire piece in White Swan; let dry

8. use a baby wipe to wet distress to desired look

9. seal with Big Top Sealer or DIY Wax


Here's a video of the entire process:

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