An old cabinet door is the perfect canvas for wall decor.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

You have to look hard to notice that this wall art started as an old cabinet door from kitchen celebrations gone by.

My sister redid her kitchen cabinets and asked me if I wanted her old doors, "well yes I do!" There were 35 of them and my creative wheels were turning. First, I painted roses for her on her old pantry door that she hung above her bed at her cottage. It was one of my favorite projects ever because it meant so much to her. This is a picture of it:

Here is my supply list:


  1. paint the cabinet in 2 coats of DIY paint in Tarnished Pearl, drying between coats

  2. use the Kindest Regards stamp, with Stone Grey ink for the background

  3. stamp words of your choice (I used home, love, and family)

  4. seal with DIY Big Top sealer

  5. apply your choice of transfers

  6. burnish transfers with a soft, dry cloth

  7. wax

Here's a video tutorial to help you with the process:

You don't have to have a sister redoing her kitchen to make beautiful things from old cabinet doors; Habitat for Humanity, Craigslist, and FaceBook Marketplace are great resources for you to find doors. I like searching Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas.

This is what one of my favorite customers made from this tutorial, what will you make?

Happy creating and thank you for watching! --Lisa

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