Are you ready for some sun? Sun flowers that is...

As the dogged days of winter are upon us it's so refreshing to look forward to the sunshine of spring and the promise of brighter days ahead. I have always loved sunflowers and the mental images that they inspire. I picture little girls running through a field, laughing and giggling, their smiles as beautiful as the flowers that surround them. I'm reminded of picnics, and sunsets, and puppies. This mixed media art project was inspired by these thoughts and those of brighter days ahead.

IOD rub on transfers make projects like these so easy to do. These sunflowers are from the IOD Painterly Florals Transfer and the canvas is made from upcycled pallet wood. Add some luscious DIY Paint to the mix and you have the perfect combination for this beautiful mixed media wall decor.


The IOD Painterly Florals Transfer has 8-12" by 16" pages of gorgeous hand painted floral designs that include sunflowers, roses, lavender, and greenery. Check out all of these florally goodness:

I made my canvas from 6 strips of pallet wood cut to roughly 17" (check the markings to see what it's been treated with). I like to stagger the heights a little to add interest. I attach them using 1 by 2's across the back, glued and pin nailed. The rest of the steps can be found here, in my YouTube video:

I hope you enjoyed watching my video and that you are inspired to make some wall art of your own! If you like this video, you can follow me by clicking any of these social media accounts




Whatever you do today, take the time to do something nice for yourself! -- Lisa

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