BOHO Painted Wooden Tray DIY

I'm really loving anything with a boho vibe these days and incorporating those colors into my home decor has been so much fun! For this project I decided to use several shades of blue, a little green, and a hint of a warm tan. The Iron Orchid Designs Bohemia Stamp makes creating a breeze. This piece is a tray or table riser...I'm not exactly sure what you call it but I know it's versatile. The wooden piece itself was handcrafted by a local woodworker and the possibilities are endless.

Here's an up close picture of this finish...DIY Paint makes blending colors a breeze! I sealed the entire piece with DIY Dark & Decrepit and then painted a base coat in Bohemian Blue, a beautiful deep turquoise color. I then blended Mermaid Tale and Salty Kiss, adding texture by varying directions. I added interest with the IOD Bohemia Stamp and DIY Old 57 and Sandy Blonde. This might be my favorite finish!

And here is an instructional video. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for watching!

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