DIY Custom Built Window Cabinet, Custom Paint

This was absolutely a labor of love...I didn't hesitate to take things apart, recut, and/or remeasure. I wanted everything to be right...not perfect, but right.

I love to challenge myself and am definitely a life-long learner. My most recent endeavor was to build a "little" cabinet around this amazing leaded glass, antique window. At first I thought small, but that didn't last long. Soon after I joined The Gilded Daisy's Woodworking Masterclass ("Masterclass" should have been my first clue) I was encouraged to change my plans. It all started with this sketch:

I went to my local big box hardware store and got to work! There was a real learning curve and once I realized that my garage floor had a slope to it I got in a groove.

You can follow the progression below:

I used 1/4' tongue and groove pine on the back and then proceeded to choose paint colors. I'll be honest, it took me a few times to get the look where I wanted it. I painted all of the wood surfaces in Debi's Design Diary's DIY Dark & Decrepit to start, and then I painted the sides in DIY White Swan. The drawer was originally painted in DIY Fancy Farm Girl with a Mint Chip wash, but that finish didn't last. I ultimately ended up with DIY Skeleton Key on the drawer, window frame, and hardware. The frame of the cabinet ended up being DIY White Swan covered with Prairie Grey, Faded Burlap, and Tarnished Pearl, scraped back to expose the dark base. This gave the piece the old world look I was going for,

Thank you for reading about my creative wood working journey there will be many more to come! I will be sure to video tape the next one!


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