DIY Field of Flowers with Paint Splatter

The most simple processes can create the most beautiful works of art. About a year ago I was asked to make a "cheery" painting for an office space that didn't have any windows. The perfect solution, in my mind, was to paint a field of flowers on an old, vintage window. When looking for inspiration I ran across the works of an artist out of the UK, Yvonne Coomber. She is AMAZING!

Below is a picture of what I came up with, my first splattered art painting, and I loved everything about the process. Believe me, there was a learning curve but I had fun along the way. A word of warning: it can be messy lol.

Below is an earlier "Field of Flowers" I painted during a workshop I taught on the process. This one hangs in my home and is one of my favorites. I love the natural patina on the window frame. It just makes me smile.

When I did my very first live on the DIY Paint Page I decided to teach this process. I've edited that live video and posted it to YouTube. The concise version is still almost 10 minutes but if you really want to learn how to do this technique then you need that much instruction. Here is the painting and below that is the video:


  • A window or old framed print

  • DIY Paint in various colors: some of the colors I used are Mermaid Tale, Fancy Farm Girl, White Swan or Vintage Linen, Petticoat Pink, Kissing Booth, Little Black Dress, Summer Crush, Queen Bee, Prom Queen

  • Artist brushes

  • Pallet knives

  • Tooth brush

  • Spray Sealer (bush on sealer can make your reds bleed, I spray with matte sealer before using a brush on sealer like DIY Big Top)

I hope you enjoyed the video and will try making your own splattered paint art. Just remember to keep layering, have fun, and embrace the process. As always, thank you for watching! --Lisa

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