How to create old from new: DIY Vintage Wall Decor

I love all things vintage and vintage inspired. I especially love the look of old, worn wall paper...all torn and tattered. I think about what my grandparents’ house would look like now with all of its vintage charm. I remember my grandma‘s gossip chair and the old rotary telephone that would ring so loudly that it would startle me. I can still see them sitting in that little hallway between the living and dining rooms. These childhood memories were the inspiration for this wall decor.


  • wood sign (I made mine from scrap pallet wood) *tutorial coming

  • DIY Paint in Weathered Wood, Prairie Grey, Pedal Pusher, Fancy Farm Girl, Sandy Blonde, Crinoline

  • DIY Big Top Sealer

  • IOD Wall Flower Transfer

  • IOD Label Ephemera Transfer

  • IOD Stone Grey Ink

  • IOD Renaissance Stamp

  • 120 grit sandpaper

My YouTube video will show you exactly how I painted, dry brushed, and layered colors on my boards; how I applied my transfers, and how you can achieve this same look. Here is the link to my YouTube video tutorial on the DIY AGOGO Channel right here:

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I did. Thank you for watching! —Lisa

You can follow me on my own YouTube Channel by clicking here:

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