It's not often but sometimes my transfer won't stick??

Updated: May 30, 2020

I love my IOD transfers and I have some helpful hints for you.

After I paint my surface I always apply a coat of sealer to my project (I like DIY Big Top). If you belong to any of the IOD facebook groups I'm sure you've read that not all stockists agree on this point. Here's what I know...if I seal before applying my transfer I almost always (yes, I said almost always) get great results so I always do it. It only takes a few more minutes. so why wouldn't I? Better safe than sorry and it saves time in the long run.

Having said that, when I'm in a workshop setting, or doing a live, I don't have a lot of time. Sometimes I don't allow enough time for my sealer to dry and then I can have problems...not often, but sometimes. Let me point out, that it's okay to help the drying process along with a hair dryer or heat gun but let the surface cool off to room temperature before applying your transfer. I've learned that the hard way, lol.


  • Let your paint dry (DIY Paint dries quickly, in about 20 minutes)

  • Seal your paint before applying your transfer (I use DIY Big Top)

  • Let the sealer dry well, 20 minutes or more. If using a blow dryer or heat gun, allow

your surface to cool before applying your transfer

  • When you first notice that the paint is pulling up, stop and grab your Mod Podge.

  • Apply the Mod Podge to the back of the transfer in that spot...give it a couple of seconds to set up, burnish, and check it, You might have to give it a couple of more seconds to get tacky or you might need to add a little more Mod Podge. This method has always worked for me.

Here's a short video to show you what I do :)

I hope this video helped! Remember, in my opinion, it's always best to seal your project before applying your transfer...let the sealer fully dry and cool if using a heat gun or blow dryer to accelerate the drying process.

Happy Creating!

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