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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

There’s a reason this beauty is featured on my page:

All of my furniture pieces need to tell a story. I like to imagine that this dry sink was bought by a young couple for their first home. In the 1970s they painted it green to stay on trend, and then the ‘90’s brought the blue to the piece. Now, we needed to bring her into the farmhouse era with a feel of vintage charm. That is the story of how this little gal came to be. She’s layered in Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint in Pedal Pusher, Gypsy Green, and White Swan. Then I added the IOD Wander Transfer and heavily sanded. Lastly she was sealed with Big Top so she can help the family celebrate for years to come.

What story would your favorite piece of furniture tell?

That‘s something I like to think about when I’m creating projects and workshops for the store. I want to help you write your own stories, create family heirlooms, and share experiences. Wether you’re creating at home on your kitchen table, following a blog or video, or you’re in the store creating alongside new friends and old, we’re creating much more than art. I hope I can help you on that journey.

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