Painting a Daisy on a Baseball Cap with DIY Paint

It's been so cold in Michigan...I've been craving warm weather, and sunshine, and happiness. What's happier than a bright daisy? With this crazy "shelter in place", I haven't been able to get my hair done for months so a baseball cap has become as essential as underwear...yes, underwear! I decided to marry the 2 ideas and painted a fun daisy on one of my favorite baseball caps (my caps are worn, torn and distressed right from the store).


  • baseball cap

  • DIY paint in the following colors: Cake Batter, Queen Bee, Liquid Sunshine, Kissing Booth, Fire Starter, White Swan, Little Black Dress

  • DIY Big Top Sealer

  • artist brushes

Here's a video tutorial, I hope you enjoy it:

During these crazy times remember to take time to smell the flowers. It's more important now than ever.

As always, thanks for watching! -- Lisa

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