Step by Step Tutorial: Take books from new to vintage, Boho Style

I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration and that's where I found my inspiration for these books. I was drawn to the warm tones and color made me think of blue skies and rainbows; reminding me of bright, sunny days. I can remember, as a child, gazing into the sky's canvas to see what pictures the clouds were making that day. They always seemed to make me smile and that's what these books do...they make me smile.

I featured them in a live video and thought I would share them with you. This step by step tutorial will help you DIY your own books.


This video will take you through the steps for creating these charming, hand painted books:


  1. Paint the books in a base coat of DIY Prom Queen

  2. use your favorite stencil and texture medium to the corners of your top book

  3. water down DIY Kissing Booth Paint and feather around the outer edges

  4. soften the edges Kissing Booth by blending with more Prom Queen

  5. dilute Summer Crush with water and blend

  6. dry brush the copper patina over the high points and edges

  7. use the IOD Stamps listed to add character and interest

  8. seal all books with DIY Big Top

  9. tie the books with jutte and add embellishments to your liking

  10. I ended up creating a tag from cardboard and painted it to match my books. I used clay with one of the stamps from the DIY Knob Toppers set

I hope you enjoyed this project! Remember to look to the sky every now and then...remember the little things that bring you joy and peace. Thank you so much for watching - Lisa

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