Using DIY paint, an IOD rub on transfer, and creativity to paint a family heirloom.

I grew up in the 70's and remember my Mom decorating everything in our home in greens and golds. That was torture, lol, and I thought it would never end. My Mom loved it so much that she even had those plastic slip covers made for our sofa. Then the 90's rolled around and our family home was adorned in multiple hues of blue and teal. That was such a relief. I love looking back at those mental snapshots of decor gone by.

I love old furniture that tells a story, or an old window that's witnessed years of family holidays and traditions; imagine the memories they possess. I wanted this old wash stand to tell it's own story.

I wanted this piece to look like it had been through all of those same generations of home decor; painted green in the 70's and blue in the 90's before being given its farmhouse look today. To accomplish that, I layered Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint, distressed with a paint knife, applied an IOD rub on transfer, and heavily sanded to help tell the story.


This was one of my favorite furniture transformations, I hope this video inspires you create your own family heirloom. Thank you for watching! -- Lisa

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