Who Doesn't Love a Good Snowman?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The older I get the more I wonder why I live in Michigan. Don't get me wrong, it has its advantages; who else in the country can use their hand as a map? In fact I live right about where your thumb meets your palm and that really can come in handy (pardon the pun).

This nagging question always enters my mind when the lazy days of summer fade into the fall and frost begins to blanket the ground. The winters of Michigan can be so brutal and the snow can be downright unbearable...or is it?

The minute the first flakes of snow float through the air I am reminded of days gone by where cold fingers were a badge of honor and snow days were celebrated. In fact, the true measure of snowfall was in snowmen and not inches. The questions just kept coming and they were important ones: did we have carrots? would Dad miss his pipe? and the most important question, 'was it packing snow?' Ah yes, this is why I love living in Michigan.

This is my inspiration for this blog post, my love of snowmen. I build them, paint them, dream about them. For me they put the magic in the season and I hope I can inspire you to make your own magic. Here are just some snowmen I have made:


  • 4" round wooden plaque (craft store)

  • wooden candle holder or spindle (craft store)

  • vintage tart tin (eBay)

  • styrofoam ball (craft store)

  • IOD air dry clay

  • clear iridescent glitter

  • Mod Podge

  • silver garland (I really like vintage and buy it on eBay)

  • hat ornament (I bought mine at a local dollar store)

  • DIY paint in Vintage Linen, Black Velvet, Fire Starter, Petticoat Pink

  • glue (craft or wood)

  • sealer


  1. I assembled the base of my snowman by gluing the wooden candlestick to the round base. I let that dry overnight.

  2. Paint your base with white paint, I used DIY Paint in Vintage Linen. If you want more of a vintage feel, put a coat of black paint under the white paint and wipe back.

  3. Use hot glue to attach the tart tin to the top of the base.

  4. I cut off a small section of the styrofoam ball on both the top and the bottom to flatten it. This way I could get better contact between the face and the tart tin on the bottom, and face and hat on the top. If you use a hat that's hollow on the bottom you could eliminate one of these cuts.

  5. I covered the styrofoam ball with a thin layer of the air dry clay and used a small piece of the clay for the nose. I let that dry over night. I would do this at the same time I glue the base together.

  6. After the clay is dry paint the clay with white paint (I used Vintage Linen), the nose orange (Fire Starter), the eyes and mouth black (Black Velvet), and the cheeks pink (Petticoat Pink). Let dry.

  7. After the head is dry apply a coat of Mod Podge and immediately sprinkle on the glitter. The Mod Podge will dry kind of quickly. Let dry.

  8. Glue the head onto the tart tin, centering it, and the hat onto the top. I used hot glue for this step. That will dry quickly.

  9. Apply garland around the neck for a scarf.

I hope you enjoy your snowman!

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