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JRV Stencils


Paint Pixie Brushes


Monahan Papers

Sweet and Sassy Treasures puts a lot of time and effort into finding the finest products to compliment our premiere product lines, Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint and Iron Orchid Designs IOD products. 

Jami Ray Vintage Stencils, JRV, are made in my home state of Michigan. They are incredibly durable and some of the finest stencils I've ever worked with. They are made from 15 mil materials making it easy to use with Paint Couture Embossing Medium and Crust. They come in a variety of designs to suit every need.

Paint Pixie Brushes come in a wide array of lengths, widths, and styles and are made in Italy. All but one of the brushes are made with 70% natural bristles and 30% synthetic bristles; this minimizes shedding and makes blending a breeze. The #10 oval brush is 100% synthetic and is perfect for sealers and glazes. This is an amazing brush for all of your DIY needs.

Monahan Papers are the perfect weight to decoupage with. The colors are vibrant yet preserve the vintage flavor they are known for. Monahan papers are made right here is the United States and are the perfect addition to the Sweet and Sassy Treasures family.

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